Purchasing of forest land

A forest is an asset that involves a large number of responsibilities: the forest must be maintained and managed in such a way as to ensure its viability.

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Our years of forest management experience and thorough knowledge of forestry ensure fast and proper administration and prudent management that takes into account the long-term perspective of the immovable.

When selling forest land, the person buying your forest also plays an important role. An experienced forest manager will continue to take care of the forest.

For us, buying a forest is just the first step. We maintain the growing forest until it is mature and ready for cutting. After cutting, we will plant new trees and continue to grow the forest, taking into account modern sustainable forestry principles.

You will receive a good income from the sale and know that the forest will be preserved in the future.


How is the price of forest land determined?

The price per hectare of forest is not firmly fixed. The exact price of forest land (incl. the price of growing forest) depends on several factors, some of which will be revealed only when an on-site observation takes place.

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Remember that

– the more information you provide, the more accurate the offer you will receive;
– the final price is formed after a field survey.


You can offer us a forest regardless of location or size.

– A mortgage may have been taken out on the property.
– The property may be located in a nature reserve.
– Buildings and/or arable land may be located on the property.

If you are looking to sell only a part of your forest immovable, this is also possible. If necessary, we will organise a separation survey and divide the immovable into several cadastral units.


Need advice?

The sale of forest land requires careful consideration and a number of questions may arise in this regard. We will be happy to help you and also give you legal advice related to the sale of the forest.

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