Preparation of the forest management plan

The forest management plan provides recommendations for forest management and provides an overview of the condition of forest resources. The plan is prepared on the basis of good forestry practice and takes into account current laws. A forest management plan is prepared for a period of 10 years.


What does the forest management plan consist of?

The forest management plan contains everything that the forest owner needs to know about his or her forest. In it you will find:

– a plan for forest land, stand, and forestry work;
– a description of the composition of the stand;
– summary tables characterising the forest;
– an overview of the planned cutting;
– a list of regeneration and improvement cutting;
– information on nature conservation restrictions in force in the forest;
– restrictions arising from the Forest Act, the rules of forest management, or forest survey guidelines;
– recommendations in line with good forest management practices.


How is the forest management plan prepared?

A forest management plan can only be prepared by a licensed forest surveyor, who has the authority to enter the completed plan in the forest register (Forest Portal).

When preparing a plan, the forest surveyor conducts the necessary observations and measurements in the forest. Based on the survey data obtained, a plan is drawn up for the forest for the next 10 years.

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